Architectural and interior design. House Concept.

From the first initial sketches, the team of architects, designers and engineers all under the leadership of the prestigious Marbella architect, Jose Carlos Moya analyse in detail each feature of the villas location. This means the best views, the best orientation and every small detail of the surrounding area so that bit by bit, sketch to sketch, drawing to drawing, the particular form of the villa is being developed and crafted, much like a sculpture. All of this hard work from a team of highly qualified technical specialists comes together to create a new building with the essence of what it means to be ‘Casa Nordica’.

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What makes Casa Nordica special?

It starts with our superior materials which are pure and elegant - wood, glass, stone, concrete – each material is carefully selected for its quality. Then comes the architecture of sensations:  the sound of water, the coolness created by the shade of the huge wings, the surrounding grass, the pleasure of stepping on natural oak flooring, the feeling of spaciousness in the white hallways with double ceilings, the watchtower solarium on top of the house (a communal space that can be enjoyed the whole family), adapted and prepared for Sport, to relax watching the sea, to sunbathe...

This helps to set the scene for something special.

But it is not finished there because at the same time, it is the modern architecture of our villas, avant-garde and connected to its time that frame the surroundings and heighten the experience of the natural surroundings.

Our architecture adapts to modern techniques and is reflective of its age while feeling timeless.

This is an architecture which is sustainable and efficient that prides itself on energy saving. It incorporates heat recovery systems, solar panels, glass with solar control, high efficiency heat pumps, VRV air conditioning with automated intelligence into every room.

This is an architecture that combines the best of culture and knowledge of how to live the Mediterranean style with the most advanced technology and Nordic design.

All aspects of Casa Nordica have been meticulously planned and designed and executed with care and precision to create the ideal environment for relaxation and enjoyment.

This is what makes Casa Nordica special.