Having a home under Andalusian sky is the privilege not everybody can take advantage of. "Casa Nórdica" embodies the ultimate refinement, exclusiveness and pure joy. It is a Spanish living with the hint of Nordic lifestyle and quality.


We have created a range of homes that capture the spirit of contemporary living and the essence of Andalusia with all it has to offer - healthy local cuisine, mild climate, welcoming and friendly atmosphere, deep and vivid history and safe neighbourhoods to name just a few.


With the help of best architects, interior designers, garden professionals, construction companies and material suppliers from both Spain and throughout Europe, we have combined together all the right ingredients to make your dream come true.


"Casa Nórdica" chooses the best locations, the best plots with the best views for our homes. Only places that are able to reveal the full beauty of our villas make the grade.


Our architecture combines a number of facets what makes us stand out. We take into consideration every aspect of the building orientation, from unfolding large wings for ideal solar protection, to ensuring suitable energy performance. We use only superior build materials and combine this with exquisite design features. Making a living luxury for all lovers of modern architecture.